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What is Bichectomy ?

It is one of the aesthetic initiatives often preferred by individuals who want to achieve an Ideal facial aesthetic image and is popularly known as cheek thinning surgery. As part of Bishectomy surgery, it is possible to ensure that the overall facial contours of the individual have the proportion that they should be. In some conditions, even if individuals are not overweight, they may have an overweight appearance due to excessive fat in the general facial lines. These fatty tissues located in the Middle areas of the cheeks are called buccal adipose tissue. The area of operation is immediately the middle area of the facial muscles. Fatty tissues located in the middle area of the facial muscles are located in the lower part of the cheekbones, which are the defining point of the facial lines. It is also believed that this region contributes to the functions and functions that babies absorb breast milk. It is one of the main criteria that determines the general facial expression of fatty tissues contained here. It is also effective in providing a reduced, sagging, older – sad – tired facial expression with the phenomenon of advancing age. As a result of the growth of buccal adipose tissue, an individual has an even more rounded face Line, which can lead to an expression called a baby’s face or end up with a problem of sagging the cheek.

How Is Bichectomy Performed?

Bishectomy plastic surgery is within the scope of operations performed under general anesthesia, and in general the first rule is that the general health condition is sufficient to reach the age of 25 and be able to have this plastic surgery. As part of Bishectomy surgery, if requested by the patient during the same operation process, facial lifting, rhinoplasty, lip implant and Botox injections can also be performed. Thus, 5 aesthetic problems can be solved together with a single operation.


With Bishectomy aesthetics, individuals can achieve sharper facial contours. As a result of Fuller cheek images that develop due to advancing age, cheek disproportionality problems are also eliminated. Although Bishectomy surgery can often be completed under local anesthesia, general anesthesia may also be preferred. General anesthesia is essential if more than one operation is to be performed. One surgical incision is made on the inside of the cheek. The size of this incision is on average 1 cm. By advancing through the cuts, intervention begins in the adipose tissues of the cheek. As part of the intervention, a previously determined amount of adipose tissue is removed from the body. The same process is applied to the other cheek, ensuring proportion. It is essential to remove equal levels of adipose tissue on both cheeks. Otherwise, the correct proportion cannot be achieved and the operation will fail.

After removing the fat tissues, the process of adding to the cheekbones can be done using the removed fat tissues or some filling materials. Along with the filling process, the cheekbones can achieve a much sharper image. Transportation to buccal adipose tissues can also occur through the mouth. In this way, it is also impossible to leave a surgical scar. But there are also cases where direct transport is provided. It can be used especially in cases where it is combined with face lift surgery. But in any case, the most commonly used method is oral application. In this way, the problem of surgical scars of patients after Aesthetic Surgery is also eliminated.

Bichectomy Risks

Bichectomy surgery has no harm that involves serious risks. But since a bichectomy, like any surgical operation, is a surgical operation, standard risks exist. You can minimize these risks by improving the quality of Doctor and hygienic rules. However, before choosing a service, you must definitely do research. Apart from these, there is no harm in having a bichectomy. If you have any medications that you use before a vasectomy operation, you should definitely tell your doctor. According to him, your doctor will create an application opportunity. In addition, bichectomy surgery takes an average of 1 hour, and the recovery time after that is an average of 1.5 months. During these periods, it is recommended that you strictly follow the recommendations recommended by your doctor.


 The first element that you will pay attention to is that you conduct the relevant operations with the support of a professional person in order to avoid the consequences of bichectomy. By paying attention to this element, you will actually perform a healthy procedure. However, the place where the relevant operations are performed must be clean. Operations performed in places that are not clean, called under stairs, will also have unhealthy results. For this reason, you should definitely do the related operations in professional places.

Recovery Process After Surgery

After bichectomy surgery, the healing process of each patient may vary. But in general, improvement is observed in patients during the 14-day period after the operation. After bichectomy, it is enough for the person to rest for a short period of time. In other words, a person does not need to be hospitalized after an operation to have the appearance, also known as a Hollywood cheek. 


After the operation, those who have had a bichectomy should use antibiotics in accordance with the doctor’s recommendation. Ensuring oral hygiene and preventing possible infections helps speed up the healing process. Smoking and alcohol should not be used. 


The incision opened during the operation will heal in about 1 Week. If a person who has had a bichectomy gains weight again in the later period, the accumulation of fat in the cheek area will not be as much as before. 

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