Post-Treatment Support

Post-Treatment Support

As Dr. HE Clinic, which adopts the treatment services it offers with a patient-oriented approach as a principle, we are always with the patients we serve. Because the most important thing for us is how our patients will continue their lives after the operation.


For this purpose, we always take care to establish good communication with all our patients from all over the world. Our communication process, which started with online consultations before the treatment, continues effectively with online communication channels offered personally after the operation.


Our patients can instantly ask all the questions they are curious about in the post-operative period through the online communication channel that we have specially created for them and includes their doctors and patient consultants. After the treatment, they can also send the results of various tests or controls requested from them to our healthcare professionals 24/7.


Your treatment may end, but we will always be here to help you on your way to a new life.


We are always with you for a healthy life.

Our internationally experienced and expert staff is with you in every treatment you need with special diagnosis and treatment services.

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