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Get Detailed Information about Treatment

You can find detailed information about the treatment method you are interested in through our website and social media addresses.


The introduction of treatment services, answers to frequently asked questions, the impressions of our patients about the treatments you are interested in, and detailed information about the relevant doctors are available on both our website and social media addresses.

Your specific treatment plan

A DR HE Clinic patient consultant who speaks your language will respond to your request to contact us as soon as possible.


During this process, our patient consultant will give you detailed information about the treatment you are interested in and will sincerely answer your questions. After deciding on the appropriate treatment for you, our patient consultant will learn about your detailed health history and ask you to send various photos of your treatment. After creating a treatment plan that suits you, you will be able to meet online with Dr. HE Clinic doctors who will perform your treatment.

Make a Reservation

After you approve the treatment and treatment plan suitable for you, you can now determine the day and time for your operation.


In this process, the patient consultants of the Dr.HE Clinical team will assist you in determining the most appropriate date for both you and your doctor. After sending your flight ticket or the document stating your arrival date to our consultants, your vehicle transfer and hotel reservations will be planned by our consultants.


When you arrive in Istanbul for your treatment, the transfer representative will meet you at the airport or at a place you specify and drop you off at our contracted hotel or hospital according to the processes in your treatment plan.

Plan your treatment with specialist doctors

In this process initiated for your treatment, you will pass some health tests before your operation.


After the test results are examined, your doctors will meet with you face to face, provide the necessary information about your treatment and answer your questions.


After the consultation, your operation will be performed by your doctor. Depending on the type of treatment to be administered, you will spend a certain amount of time in the hospital or clinic under supervision.

Go through your final checks

After completing the healing process after your operation, your doctor will check you one last time before returning to your country.


After the last check-up, your doctor will tell you some rules that you should follow after treatment. After returning to your country, communication channels will be created for you, where you can reach Dr. He Clinic doctors and patient consultants 24/7 for questions that you are interested in.

Return to your home with renewal!

On the day of your departure from Istanbul, our transfer team will pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at the airport or wherever you want to go.

You will be ready to return home with a look you have always dreamed of!