Why Dr. HE Clinic?

Why Dr. HE Clinic?

As Dr. He brand, which has served thousands of international patients in the field of obesity and metabolic surgery for many years under the name of Dr. He Obesity Clinic, it has always been our first priority to reach our experience and quality to more audiences.



As Dr. He Brand;



  • Our health professionals with years of experience and thousands of satisfied patients,

  • With our experienced and expert staff in the field of international health services,

  • With our service conditions that reference high technology in the stages of diagnosis and treatment,

  • With our treatment principles shaped by patient-oriented approach,

  • We are always with you in international health services with a multidisciplinary approach, our corporate structure with a satisfaction-indexed quality policy and our ethical 

  • Understanding that is always with its patients not only in the treatment stages but also in the post-treatment care processes.

Because our greatest reference is our patients who have recovered their health with us.


We are always with you for a healthy life.

Our internationally experienced and expert staff is with you in every treatment you need with special diagnosis and treatment services.

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