Dental Treatments

What Are Dental Treatments?

There are many different methods of dental treatment. Dental treatments, especially in aesthetic sense, are applied with different methods. Many methods, such as teeth whitening, implant treatment, Hollywood smile, are applications for you to have more aesthetic smiles.


Dental aesthetics ensures that all defects in the patient’s teeth are corrected. Cracks, lack of teeth or superficial discoloration of the teeth to problems with the size or shape of many different things can be fixed. Our dental procedures are safe and completely painless. You can see excellent results from the first session.


Different dental treatment methods are applied for each patient. A specialist doctor first examines the patient and determines whether he needs dental aesthetics or treatment, whether it is appropriate. Then the processes are applied step by step. Generally, those who want to have an aesthetic smile and bright white teeth prefer aesthetic dental treatments.


The type of procedures performed by dentists has changed in recent years. Today we don’t just go to the dentist for health problems. Many patients who want to have aesthetic bi rguluş prefer cosmetic dentistry to realize their dreams.

Methods of Dental Treatment

  • Implant Treatment:  This is a method used to treat missing teeth. They are titanium nails applied into the jawbone.
  • Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in recent years. It allows the color of teeth that have lost their natural whiteness for various reasons to open up.
  • Hollywood Smile: Hollywood smile is the most popular dental practice in recent years. Now many patients want to have a perfect smile. A Hollywood smile consists of white and well-aligned teeth. This is the purpose of this treatment method.
  • All-on-4: A non-removable prosthesis fixed to 4 or more implants that replace all teeth in a single jaw.
  • Porcelain Zirconium Veneers:Provides the removal of enamel tissue disorders in teeth. It also provides an aesthetic appearance to the person.
  • Laminated and Veneers: : It is one of the applications of dental aesthetics applied for yellowed or damaged teeth.
  • Smile Design: It is a personalized plastic surgery for a person to have a great smile. Teeth are designed according to the demands of the person.

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