Patient Rights and Responsibilities

As Dr. HE Clinic, our primary goal is to provide the best healthcare service for your treatment and to ensure your recovery as soon as possible.


Knowing your rights and responsibilities during your treatment process will protect and maintain the quality of the service you receive. We also state that we are committed to protecting your rights with the text ‘Patient Rights and responsibilities’ that we have presented on our page. You can contact us on our contact lines and on our complaints, suggestions and opinions page to get more detailed information about your rights and responsibilities or to forward your various questions.

As A Patient, I And My Legal Representative Have Rights

Don’t know that my right to life will not be given up in any way.
  • Receiving health services and preventive health services within the framework of the principles of justice and equity.
  • Obtaining medical care and treatment services regardless of race, belief, color, national origin, language, ancestry, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, health insurance, economic and social status.
  • Receiving satisfactory service in terms of medical ethics, international quality standards, technology, comfort and human relations.
  • Knowing that priority in services is given objectively based on laws and medical criteria.
  • Knowing the names, identities and professional titles of the people I serve.
  • Ask for information about my health status, medical procedures to be applied, the benefits and disadvantages of procedures, the course of my disease, and alternative treatment options in a way that I understand.
  • Knowing the relationship between Dr. He Clinic and other health or educational institutions for my service process.
  • To the extent permitted by law, review my medical records and request that they be corrected if necessary.
  • Receiving information with a gentle expression that respects my values, beliefs, philosophy of life, and corresponds to my spiritual situation.
  • Don’t know that I’m at the University Hospital and some health care providers are trained.
  • Request interpreter support when necessary.
After being informed, I will receive services to choose and change the doctor, medical staff, medical institution and treatment method.
  • Request that all kinds of privacy principles, visual and auditory privacy principles be taken care of in my service purchase processes.
  • In accordance with hospital rules, the possession of companions and the identification of my visitors.
  • Don’t ask that my medical documents, source of payment, and all contact information be kept secret even after death, except as permitted by law.
  • Do not know that there will be no medical intervention for research or educational purposes without the approval of the Ministry of Health, me or my legal representative, and when I participate in the study, my name will be announced with my consent.
  • Giving approval before starting any diagnostic method and treatment, except in emergencies and in accordance with the procedures specified in the law.
  • Knowing that when I cannot express my wishes, my demands such as being an organ and tissue transplant donor that I have determined before will be fulfilled in accordance with laws and regulations.
Refusing treatment to the extent permitted by law and being informed of the medical consequences of my decision
Asking for my pain to be evaluated and treated with the appropriate method.
Consulting other physicians when the physician deems it necessary or upon my request.
Protection from danger and abuse to ensure the safety of my life and property.
Fulfilling my religious obligations as much as possible, getting social and psychological support.
Notifying my complaint, thanks or suggestions, without prejudice to my legal rights, reviewing, concluding and informing about the result of my complaint.

Responsibilities of Me and My Legal Representative as a Patient

  • Timely and accurate reporting of my current complaints, illnesses I have had, treatments applied, medications I use and all other information about my health.
  • Notifying the physician and other healthcare professionals about unexpected changes and incompatibilities that may occur during the treatment process.
  • Participating in care and treatment to the widest extent, cooperating with all employees in all matters.
  • Do not absolutely ask when I do not understand what is expected of me, procedures, treatment, medications and what is expected from me, do not report this to my physician and other healthcare professionals if it is not possible to apply them.
Do not accept the consequences I will face depending on this choice when I refuse to follow the recommended treatment plan.
Notifying my physician and other healthcare professionals about my pain, cooperating in the process of relieving my pain.
  • Complying with the rules and practices determined by the institution such as having visitors and companions.
  • Complying with the date and time of my appointments and notifying changes, except in emergencies.
  • Timely reporting of changes in my health, social security and personal information.
  • Transferring in accordance with the Private Hospitals Regulations in appropriate times and conditions in case of communicable disease.
  • Notifying the institution that will cover my health expenses, providing the necessary official documents, provided that they are later in emergency interventions.
  • Payment of examination and treatment expenses within the specified period.
Respecting other patients, their families and staff, helping to control noise and confusion.
Not requesting an application or medication that is not deemed appropriate and not included in my treatment plan.
Do not destroy the belongings of other patients, their families, employees and the institution, pay the price in case of destruction.