Vision & Mission

Our Vision

As Dr. He clinic, we act with the vision of becoming a world brand in international health services without compromising the patient-oriented approach with experienced and specialized health professionals in the field.


Since 2016 our clinic, which serves international patients in the field of obesity and Metabolic Surgery under the brand Dr. He Obesity Clinic, has decided to expand its medical branches to provide quality health care to more audiences.

Our Values

  • A patient-oriented approach is the basis of all our services.
  • It is our goal to be an exemplary organization in this field by providing services in accordance with the principles of Health Ethics.
  • The health of our patients is always our first priority. We always provide services with this principle in diagnosis and treatment processes.
  • We always make a difference in the treatments we offer by providing the highest quality services.
  • We believe in the power of Science and adopt approaches appropriate to the changing conditions of the day.
  • It is our priority to work with a team that is expert, experienced and has a high organizational ability in its field.

We are always with you for a healthy life.

Our internationally experienced and expert staff is with you in every treatment you need with special diagnosis and treatment services.

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