Special Care for Patients Before and After Plastic Surgery

Special Care for Patients Before and After Plastic Surgery: A Guide to Facilitating Healing

Patients’ experience after plastic surgery may vary depending on the type of surgery, the patient’s overall health, and the quality of postoperative care. This process greatly affects patients’ physical and emotional recovery processes. Effective and personalized support and care provided to patients after plastic surgery helps patients have a more comfortable recovery process. So what are we doing?


1. Physical Relief and Comfort: After plastic surgery, patients often experience pain, swelling and discomfort in the surgery area. This pain and discomfort may vary depending on the type of surgery and personal tolerance of the patient. But do not worry, our professional healthcare team will be with you throughout this process and will take the necessary medical measures to minimize pain. You will be given appropriate painkillers and other medications, ensuring a comfortable recovery process.


2. Emotional Support: After plastic surgery, patients may need emotional support as well as physical recovery. But you can be sure that we will not make you feel alone with our crowded team. Of course, we recommend that you bring a partner with you for emotional support. Even if you come alone, our team will always be with you.


3. Monitoring and Care: After plastic surgery, it is important for patients to go to a doctor’s check-up before returning to their country. During these checks, postoperative recovery is monitored, scars are observed, and care is provided when necessary. The day and time will be arranged by our team.


4. Services: We aim to ensure your comfort and safety with airport transfer, accommodation, medical support and other logistics needs.


5. Return Services: We will continue to stay in touch with you after we return to your country. We will monitor long-term results after surgery by providing regular follow-up appointments, remote health services and health consultancy according to your needs. Participating in the monitoring and care process as recommended by the doctor contributes to better post-operative results for patients. Your wounds and medical condition will be monitored by us, thanks to the WhatsApp aftercare group with the doctor we will open for you. You will be able to contact us from this group whenever you need. Our doctor may ask you for some tests if he deems it necessary. Communicating with patients and providing them with the necessary support ensures that patients do not feel alone. By keeping communication channels open, questions are answered, concerns are addressed, and patients are created the feeling that they can get support at any time.


As a result, we are committed to ensuring the health experience of patients coming from abroad at the highest level. The health and comfort of our patients is a priority for us. Working with a professional healthcare team and experienced doctors, we offer services in accordance with international standards. We will remain in constant communication during the preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative periods and respond quickly to the needs of our patients. By providing emotional support, we will ensure that our patients do not feel alone in this process. You just focus on coming to the hospital and doing what you need to have surgery and adjust yourself psychologically. We arrange everything else.