Is Gastric Balloon Cheaper in Turkey?

Gastric balloon or intragastric balloon is a procedure that is easy to apply and has a much lower risk of developing complications compared to other bariatric surgery procedures. Gastric balloon is frequently applied due to the advantages it provides, and accordingly, gastric balloon prices are frequently searched.

Gastric balloon prices may vary depending on the price policy of the clinic where the application will be made, the experience of the doctor, and whether the gastric balloon to be used is a liquid or air gastric balloon. On the other hand, price differences may arise depending on the use of Elipse gastric balloon, Medsil gastric balloon, Spatz gastric balloon, and Orbera gastric balloon. On the other hand, gastric balloon is cheaper in Turkey compared to applications made abroad.

How are Gastric Balloon Prices Calculated?

Gastric balloons stay in the stomach for an average of 6 to 12 months. The fact that the gastric balloon is adjustable is a factor that causes price changes. If it is determined that there is no obstacle in applying the gastric balloon procedure to the patient, it is determined which gastric balloon will be used. After determining the type of gastric balloon, the cost of gastric balloon application can be calculated.

The reason why a standard answer cannot be given to the question of how much is the gastric balloon price is the variability of the factors evaluated while determining the price. The price policy of the physician performing the application and the clinic where the application is made are the main factors that affect the determination of gastric balloon prices.

Does Gastric Balloon Lead to Losing Weight?

The gastric balloon is clinically considered a directly effective method for weight loss as it reduces the internal volume of the patient’s stomach. Although the weight loss to be achieved after the gastric balloon procedure may vary according to the current weight of the individual, it is possible to lose an average of 15 to 20 kilograms. However, as we mentioned, it is not possible to express the weight loss that will be experienced after the gastric balloon procedure as an exact figure.

Although weight loss is experienced in patients with gastric balloon implantation, it is very important to take a conscious approach in this process. Patients should acquire the necessary lifestyle habits. Thus, it is possible to experience the targeted weight loss and to maintain the lost weight.

Problems such as stomach spasm, nausea, and vomiting may occur for a few days after the gastric balloon application. Except for trauma cases, the integrity of the patient’s stomach does not deteriorate until the gastric balloon is removed. On the other hand, the risk of leakage of the contents of the balloon filled with air or water is less than 1%.

The effect rates of side effects such as gastritis and indigestion are low. Irritation of the pharynx while removing the balloon may be a rare side effect. The effects mentioned are low and moderate effects, and complications are known to occur in very few cases of gastric balloon.

What are the Advantages of Gastric Balloon?

During the gastric balloon application, no incision is made to the patient. The procedure performed by endoscopy under low-dose sedation anesthesia is completed in an average of 15 to 20 minutes. In cases where an ellipse swallowable gastric balloon is used, the procedure is completed by the patient swallowing the gastric balloon without the need for any anesthesia.

After the gastric balloon application, patients are kept under observation for an average of a few hours. If no problem is observed, the patient is discharged. Patients do not need a recovery period after the gastric balloon procedure. Although mild stomach inflammation may be seen for a few days, this situation disappears on its own.

Although the gastric balloon remains in the stomach for an average of 6 to 12 months, it can be removed using an optional endoscopic method. This procedure has no negative side effects on the patient’s health. Gastric balloon is one of the most preferred procedures because it is an easily applicable procedure and does not have any complications and is an economical application.

To Whom Can Gastric Balloon Be Applied?

The decision of suitability for the gastric balloon procedure is made after the evaluations made for each patient. Although patients between the ages of 18 and 65 are usually offered the gastric balloon procedure, simply being within the appropriate age range does not mean that a person is a suitable candidate for the gastric balloon procedure.

Gastric balloon cannot be applied to patients with a history of active ulcers or gastritis. After the evaluations made specifically for patients with reflux, gastric hernia and similar health problems, it is decided whether to apply the gastric balloon procedure.

Patients included in the group described as super obese may need to follow a diet for a certain period of time before gastric balloon application. In some cases, if it is determined that the gastric balloon application may pose a risk, it may be possible not to perform the gastric balloon application or to postpone it.

People who are considering a gastric balloon should first contact clinics and doctors who have sufficient experience and expertise in this field in order to have a safe procedure. After this stage, necessary evaluations are made for the patient. It is determined whether the patient is suitable for bariatric surgery and gastric balloon procedure. It is determined whether the Elipse swallowable gastric balloon or the gastric balloon to be placed with the endoscopic method will be used in patients who are suitable for gastric balloon application. There is no risk if the procedure determined for the patient is performed by a specialist and experienced doctor.