Post Bariatric Surgery

Post Bariatric Surgery Operation Details Istanbul Turkey


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What Is Post Bariatric Surgery?

Post bariatric surgery is an operation with a body mass index value of 40 and above, applied to obesity patients, stomach reduction, stomach cutting and shortening operation has been completed, after stomach operations, it is applied to remove skin sagging, excess skin, skin deformations that occur in the body. Obese patients undergoing gastric surgery can lose at least 30 to 90 pounds in short periods of time. As a result of rapid weight loss, they experience sagging skin, excess skin, and skin deformations in various parts of the body, especially in the belly area. Bariatric Surgery represents body shaping, while Post bariatric surgery means shaping the bodies of individuals who are obese and after undergoing bariatric surgery. All the applications mentioned in Post bariatric surgery are body stretching and body shaping applications.

How Is Post-Bariatric Surgery Performed?

Post – bariatric surgery can be performed in one or more sessions – surgery as a result of various criteria and examinations, such as the patient’s general health status, age and gender. First, the areas and conditions that will require surgery are determined. These areas can be abdomen, buttocks, thighs, legs, chest areas, as well as have more coverage. As part of the operation, other stretching procedures such as Liposuction, tummy tuck are applied to the patient. After determining the operation areas of the patient and making the necessary marking, anesthetic drugs are also injected to accompany sedation-effective drugs.


As part of the operation, if the patient’s overall health is favorable, the hip, abdomen and thigh lift surgery is completed in one session. Body lift that is, after Liposuction techniques are applied within the framework of body shaping procedures, the stretching step is passed. During the tummy tuck phase, excess skin is removed and stretched downward. Along with this stretching step, the belly button will shift. After the belly button is re-positioned, the abdominal wall ligaments are re-tightened and sewn. 2 – 6 surgical cuts are made around the operation according to the width of the application area. Since these cuts are stitched using aesthetic suture technique, the anterior surgical scar is very light. The same procedures apply in leg-hip and thigh stretching steps. Excess fat is removed by liposuction methods and excess skin is removed and stretched.


After the abdominal, chest, leg, hip stages, usually the operation of the back, tickle, arm and pubic areas is thrown into the next session. The session, that is, the duration of the operation, varies depending on the patient’s recovery time. In general, the preliminary period for a second Post-bariatric surgery differs from 6 months to 1 year. The operation takes at least 4 hours and at most 6 hours. Surgery is carried out strictly in the company of specialist anesthesiologists and in the hospital environment. Patients who participate in post-bariatric surgery should certainly not consume heavy cigarettes, should not have a valid psychological disease that will interfere with the operation, and should not suffer from controlled sugar, blood pressure, or high cholesterol.

Recovery Process After Surgery

You can start jobs that do not require excessive physical activity after 1 week. The reason for the delay is not pain, but due to weakness and difficulty adjusting to the way you eat. You can keep your daily working hours Limited on the first days. 

If you feel weakness and rapid fatigue, your fluid intake may be insufficient. As your calorie intake decreases, your feeling of thirst will naturally decrease, but you should still carry water with you and take it in small sips throughout the day. 

15 days for those who work in jobs that require physical force. The day will be convenient for you to return to work. However, weights above 10Kg should not be lifted for the first 20 days. Although there is no obstacle to travel, it is an application that should not be neglected to walk for 5 minutes with a break at the beginning of every hour on land or air journeys exceeding 1 hour. Any development of medical problems will also cause a delay. 

Our suggestion is to plan your return to work in 3-4 weeks. It is necessary for our patients working in jobs where heavy physical activity is required to return to work after 4-6 weeks to ensure adequate wound healing. If appropriate arrangements are made, light work can be returned even earlier.

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