Do Tummy Tuck Stitches Dissolve?

Do Tummy Tuck Stitches Dissolve?

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a popular cosmetic surgery that helps flatten and shape the abdomen by removing excess fat and skin while tightening the muscles of the abdominal wall. One of the critical aspects of the healing process involves the type of stitches (sutures) used. Understanding whether tummy tuck stitches dissolve or require removal is crucial for anyone considering or preparing for this procedure.

Types of Stitches Used in Tummy Tucks

  1. Dissolvable (Absorbable) Sutures: These stitches are designed to naturally dissolve within the body over time. Made from materials that the body can break down and absorb, dissolvable sutures are commonly used in the deeper layers of tissue.

  2. Non-dissolvable (Non-absorbable) Sutures: These are made from materials that the body cannot absorb. Non-dissolvable stitches are often used on the skin’s surface and require removal by a healthcare professional after the incision has healed sufficiently.

Do Tummy Tuck Stitches Dissolve?

The answer depends on the layer of suturing and the surgeon’s preference. For the deep sutures that close the muscle layer or the fascia (the connective tissue over the muscles), surgeons typically use dissolvable sutures. These help to reduce the tension on the healing wound and decrease the risk of complications. The surface stitches or those closer to the skin might be non-dissolvable, requiring removal during follow-up visits.

Post-Operative Care for Optimal Healing

  • Follow-Up Appointments: Essential for monitoring healing and, if necessary, removing non-dissolvable stitches.
  • Incision Care: Keeping the incision clean and dry is vital for preventing infection and ensuring optimal healing.
  • Activity Restrictions: Avoiding strenuous activities and following the surgeon’s guidelines on gradually resuming physical activity is crucial.

Understanding the Healing Timeline

The healing process varies among individuals, but generally, dissolvable stitches used internally will dissolve within 2 to 6 months. The exact timing depends on the type of material used for the sutures and the individual’s healing response.

Key Takeaways for Potential Tummy Tuck Patients

  • Discuss with your surgeon the types of sutures that will be used for your procedure.
  • Understand the post-operative care required for both dissolvable and non-dissolvable stitches.
  • Follow your surgeon’s instructions closely to ensure the best possible healing and outcome.


Whether considering a tummy tuck for cosmetic reasons or to address issues like diastasis recti after pregnancy, knowing about the stitches involved can help set realistic expectations for the recovery process. With advancements in surgical techniques and materials, tummy tuck procedures have become safer and more effective, offering patients significant improvements in abdominal contour and self-confidence.