COVID-19 Precautions

Covid-19 Precautions

We provide all the health services we offer at the Dr HE Clinic with effective measures we take against the COVID-19 pandemic that affects the world. Our aim is to secure the time our valued guests spend in our hospital.
The precautions we take for our valued guests
  • Temperature measurement tests are carried out at the entrance of our guests to the hospital, and disinfectant and mask supplements are provided after admission.
  • In order to meet the needs of our guests quickly, our patient coordinator provides the necessary support to our guests as of the entrance to the hospital.
  • We do mandatory PCR and lung tomography tests before your operation. You will be under observation at our hospital until the results of these tests come out. If your tests are negative, we will complete the necessary processes for your treatment. If the results of your tests are positive, we will start your coronavirus treatment without delay.


Measures we take in our hospital

  • All of our doctors and healthcare personnel have been vaccinated in accordance with the vaccination schedule of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.
  • Our healthcare professionals, who will accompany you throughout your treatment, have been informed about the rules to be followed against the epidemic by passing various trainings within the scope of combating coronavirus.
  • All floors and departments of our hospital are frequently disinfected during the day. In addition, the common areas of our hospital are also equipped with hand disinfectants.
  • The ventilation system in our hospital is equipped with high technology and works with a 100% Clean Air system that prevents the air you breathe from returning to you.
  • During the time you will be in our hospital for your treatment, the total number of attendants in our hospital has been determined as one (1) for the health of both you and our hospital team.
  • All areas of our hospital (waiting areas, elevators, cafeteria, hospital entrances and exits) have been rearranged in accordance with the concept of social distance in order to prevent the formation of crowded groups of people.

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