Teeth Whitening

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Some individuals have discoloration of the teeth for various reasons. Dental tone changes in these individuals can usually be caused by congenital and genetic origin or by antibiotics used in childhood. Acids contained in the content of many foods consumed can also cause tooth tone to change. Color changes, especially due to smoking and alcohol, can cause very serious problems. In addition, hot drinks such as tea, coffee, and factors such as inadequate dental care can also cause tooth tone to change. Colored drinks, such as wine and fruit juices, also cause yellowing and darkening of tooth tones. There are many products sold for teeth whitening purposes. But their effect is quite low compared to teeth whitening treatment, which takes place under the control of a dentist. Having an Ideal tooth whiteness is actually not very difficult. It is enough to do the teeth whitening practices recommended by the dentist and then follow the recommendations given by the dentists.

How Is Teeth Whitening Performed?

Teeth whitening treatment can be effective and long-lasting only if it is performed under the control of dentists. In this context, there are two separate methods. Office type whitening and Home type whitening applications. In a dental clinic, office-type teeth whitening is usually preferred for teeth whitening. If the patient has not recently cleaned the tooth stone before applying teeth whitening techniques, treatment is initiated in this way.


Then, in the stages of teeth whitening, the main active ingredient preferred is “hydrogen peroxide”, accompanied by whitening agents are applied whitening procedures. Teeth whitening sessions may vary depending on the current tooth tone and targeted tooth tone. The number of Sessions to be applied is usually 2 or 3. If you have intense darkening and yellowing, the number of teeth whitening sessions increases at the same rate. Before teeth whitening treatment, the gums are first protected by protective barriers to avoid irritation caused by hydrogen peroxide. After that, teeth whitening gels are rubbed on the teeth. After applying dental gels with the first teeth whitening effect, dental gels continue to be applied two or three times every 15 to 20 minutes apart. Teeth whitening treatment has stages that are simple and do not tire the patient. If necessary, the patient is informed and given directives on how the application is performed so that he can implement the stages of home teeth whitening himself. But if the changes in the patient’s tooth tone are too large, an appointment is made to attend the next session for the office-type stages of teeth whitening.