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Our expert bariatric team offers personalized weight loss solutions, combining advanced treatments to improve your health and achieve your goals.

Welcome to ‘Patient Stories‘ at Dr. HE Clinic, where we shine a light on the transformative journeys of those who’ve undergone gastric sleeve surgery with us. Explore the personal accounts of our patients, and uncover the motivations behind their decision to trust Dr. HE Clinic for their surgical weight loss journey. Each narrative showcases our commitment to outstanding care, tailored surgical approaches, and the significant, positive changes we aim to bring to each patient’s health and quality of life. Beyond mere testimonials, you’ll discover a supportive community, offering insights and comfort about the compassionate, high-quality care that is the hallmark of our clinic.

before after gizem


Weight Loss Surgery: Gastric Sleeve*

I am so happy, this surgery increased my self-confidence. I lost 40 kilos. I have no limits, I am free to move. I can do sports. I am so satisfied. luckily, I had this surgery. I am so satisfied and everything keeps getting better for me. This is a life change and they changed my life.


Weight Loss Surgery: Gastric Sleeve*

I am very healthy. I lost about 82 kilos. I’m currently around 86 kilos. I went to the gym and my personal trainer was very interested in me so my body does not sag. I can wear everything that I want and I can do everything that I want. Thank you very much Hasan Erdem and his team who brought me to these days.

before after sandra


Weight Loss Surgery: Gastric Sleeve*

Definitely go for it. When I was first looking into it, I went to 3 different companies but Dr. HE Obesity Clinic were the best one. The person that I spoke to initially filled me with confidence and offered me an appointment. The whole journey with them was a perfect one and I’d definitely say go for it. Of course they can be worried at the beginning but Dr. HE and his team the best of this job. They still call me and check my situation.


Weight Loss Surgery: Gastric Sleeve*

It is very pleasing to see that after 2 years I still do not regret this decision. I am very lucky to have chosen them on this path. Dr. HE and his team were amazing.
before after berna


Weight Loss Surgery: Gastric Sleeve*

2 years later, I lost 74 kilos. I reached my ideal weight. I am very happy with my current size. I never feel really hungry, but eat three small healthy meals a day I don’t have the same capacity for large quantities of food – those days of my plate piled high with food are definitely gone forever!

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Before - After Photos

Discover inspiring before-and-after transformations and read heartfelt reviews from our patients, showcasing the life-changing results and top-tier care at Dr. HE Clinic.


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