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What Is Genital Aesthetics?

Genital aesthetics; this is the name given to plastic surgery operations performed to make the genital organ look even more beautiful from an aesthetic point of view. There are many attempts at genital aesthetics that allow women to get more pleasure from their sexual activities by fulfilling their self-confidence Jun. Although these interventions mostly involve surgical intervention, they also cover problems that can be corrected by surface applications from time to time. The most obvious example of this is the application of vaginal whitening. Some of the best examples of surgical operations that we evaluate within the framework of Genital plastic surgery are;
  • Inner lip sagging
  • External lip sagging
  • Vaginal width
Some women have congenital sagging of the inner and outer lips of the vagina, as well as sagging due to reasons such as childbirth, accident. In addition, internal and external lip sagging increases with age and can cause problems both functional and aesthetic. One reason for sagging is childbirth. Giving birth and having sex with the pregnancy process can also cause sagging and vaginal enlargement. Here, all aesthetic operations performed for the individual’s genital area are called genital plastic surgeries and applications. Ensuring the aesthetic integrity of the genitals is located in the field of plastic surgery science.

How Is Genital Aesthetics Performed?

Many of the Genital aesthetic interventions can only be achieved with surgical steps, that is, with operations due to their permanent effects. On the other hand, there are aesthetic stages where applications such as superficial laser applications, liposuction are also used alone or as an auxiliary method. In order to ensure Genital aesthetics, the problem or problems must be corrected. After the detection of the above-mentioned and more problems, the treatment stage is passed. For example, the work area of Labioplasty surgery is based on the return of the inner and outer lips of the vagina to their aesthetic and functional state. In Labioplasty surgery, local or general anesthesia is applied depending on the size of the problem. In this surgical method, there is also correction of the upper clitoris. There are interventions such as removal of skin residues, removal of skin and skin sagging, correction of clitoris bump. Labioplasty surgery, performed by removing excess tissue, takes about 1 hour.


Another genital aesthetic operation is Vaginoplasty that is, narrowing the vagina. As a result of genetic factors, criteria such as childbirth, sexual intercourse and old age, enlargement of the vagina can occur. This operation is also performed on average in an hour and is a stage for removing the tissues located in the entrance part of the vagina and tightening novelties by stitching the muscle groups. In order for the vagina to be considered normal width, one or two fingers must be able to enter. More than 2 fingers and especially 4 fingers and more fingers can enter the vaginal width is in question. Vaginal narrowing is performed with the operation and 1-2 fingers are delivered to the form that can enter. As part of the operation, there is no surgical incision on the outer surface of the vagina in any way, so there is no surgical scar.

Genital Aesthetics Risks

As with any operation, complications such as bleeding and infection are present in such operations. But choosing the right center the incidence of such problems is much less. Although vaginal plastic surgeries have very funny results in safe hands, they can create many problems in people when they are performed by doctors who do not have experience in this regard. Most often, the absence of surgery in the desired expectation and asymmetric tissues can cause frustrations and long-term depression in people.

Vaginal aesthetics operations; no matter how successful and error-free it is applied, it is applied as a result of the operation. For this reason, free risks are carried to the surgery. First, it should not be excluded from the mind, especially in vaginal aesthetic operations, it is necessary to choose a doctor who is an expert and experienced in this field. Keeping vagina operations minimal as a risk depends on the patient’s compliance with care and recommendations after surgery. The better the patient’s attention and care in the post-operative period, the less the risk of having any problems in the post-operative period, if the doctor pays attention to his recommendations and controls.

Recovery Process After Surgery

After Genital plastic surgery, when the healing process is complete, no scars remain, it cannot be understood that it was operated on. Vaginal plastic surgeries are operations performed under local anesthesia. In some cases, these operations can be performed with anesthesia called sedation and anesthesia called epidural. 


Vaginal plastic surgery the healing process differs depending on the type of surgery. The issue that patients are most interested in about vaginal aesthetics is how many days after vaginal aesthetics surgery will be improved. The healing process after vaginoplasty surgery is between one week and two weeks decongestant. After surgery, swelling and pain may occur in the patient. After the interventions, the pain and swelling that occur over time will disappear. After Labioplasty, the healing process is four to six weeks and the patient can return to his tampon and sex life at the end of this period. Most of the pain and swelling that occurs passes within six weeks. 


Finally, the healing process after monsplasty surgery is one week, and physical activities are restricted for up to two to six weeks. It should be noted; the information we provide here is general information, and each surgical operation is individual. Before and after surgery, your doctor will inform you about what you need to do after the operation and how soon the healing process will be completed.

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