Gastric Balloon

What Is Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloon is one of the non-surgical and temporary methods used to treat obesity. It is also used for obese patients who are scheduled to have surgery but whose body mass index is above the limit to fall below the limit and limit. There are also subspecies of the stomach balloon, which can provide volume between 500 – 900 ml in air-filled types. But types filled with water can also take up to 550 ml of stomach space. However, the most preferred type is water-filled, liquid-filled varieties. Stomach balloon application is worn at the request of every patient with a body mass index value above 25, which is above the obesity limit or called overweight. Of course, it is for patients who are suitable for stomach balloon treatment. It is not suitable for those with stomach disorders, pregnant women and those taking cortisone. Although getting rid of excess weight with a stomach balloon is not easier and faster than surgical methods, it is a very valuable practice for a person to give up unhealthy eating habits and lose excess weight.


How is Gastric Balloon performed?

If you are eligible for gastric balloon treatment, you are primarily injected with an effective drug of sedation and general anesthesia. The duration and capacity of the action of this drug cocktail is not as intense and severe as in normal surgical operations. It is used to put you to sleep until the stomach balloon application is completed. Since the application is performed within 15 to 20 minutes, the duration of the effect is also this. After administration of drugs, it is lowered to the stomach via an Endoscopic Camera. After examining the stomach with an endoscopic camera, including the areas up to the stomach, if there is no problem, the stomach balloon is placed. The placed stomach balloon is inflated with air or water (depending on the type). The procedure is so simple and easy that there is no risk other than side effects and various simple – short-term complications. These side effects and complications are nausea, stomach pain and vomiting, which can occur for a short time after the stomach balloon is inserted. It may not be observed in every individual, it may not be of the same severity. You can get rid of these effects within a few days by giving the necessary medications.



Depending on the type and capacity of gastric balloons, there are periods of stay in the stomach. But usually 6-month-old varieties are used. During this time, you will be full by consuming small portions within the framework of the opportunities offered by the stomach balloon, and your feeling of satiety will be long. For this reason, after installing a stomach balloon, you should give up your unhealthy eating habits. Go to a healthy diet by following the diet lists provided by a dietitian. You can drop up to 20 – 30 pounds with the application of a stomach balloon. Increasing and reducing this ratio is entirely in your hands. There is no guarantee of weight loss in gastric balloon treatment. Although the stomach balloon is attached, you will not be able to lose enough weight if you continue your old unhealthy food habits. Patients who will be fitted with a stomach balloon should not eat at least 12 hours before Administration and should not drink anything, including water, at least 6 hours before Administration. After the procedure, you just need to stay in the hospital for 1-2 hours.