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Eyelid Aesthetics Operation Details Istanbul Turkey


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What Is Eyelid Aesthetics?

Although the cause of sagging eyelids is not exactly known, possible causes include genetic transition factors, gravity, and age phenomenon. As a result of severe sagging eyelids, you may experience a lack of vision, you may have a sleepy – sad – angry appearance. Eyelid surgery is divided into lower and upper eyelid surgery. After providing eyelid aesthetics, it will support you to look younger. In addition, your sleepy, angry, sad images of your general facial expression will also disappear. Eyelid plastic surgery called blepharoplasty provides interference with excess skin, novelties and adipose tissues in your eyelid.


In the following years, with the age factor, the eyelids stretch, and your muscle groups that move your eyelids may remain more force. As a result, excessive fat accumulations are collected in both the lower and upper areas of the eyelids. In this case, bags are also observed. Sagging eyelids can result in an older image than you are, narrowing your angle of view. Blepharoplasty can fix all your possible problems and make you look younger. In addition, With Eyelid Surgery, which can be combined with eyebrow lift and face lift operations, you can support you to look much younger in a single operation.


How Is Eyelid Aesthetics Performed?

Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Aesthetic interference can be performed on both the lower and upper cover individually or together with both. The average duration of surgery for each eyelid is 30 – 45 minutes. Accumulated excess in the eyelids is removed by processing into the skin, fats and muscles. If there is an advanced level of sagging – low on the eyelids, excess skin tissues are cut off. The eyelids are then raised up. The surgical incision is minimal in size from the fold of the upper eyelid. Excess skin and oils are removed by processing the incision here. In some patients, herniation occurs in both the inner and outer pad area of the upper eyelid. If the patient also has such a problem, this problem is also corrected during surgery. Botox, cellular treatments, face lifting, eyebrow lifting, skin resurfacing surgeries or applications can also be performed within the same operation to fold the effects of eyelid aesthetics. After the operation, your surgical scar is quite light and there are no visible surgical scars. As a result of aesthetic intervention performed by plastic surgery specialists, your surgical scar will be located in the area where the eyelid folds. Because the mark, which is quite light, is located in the folding zone, it will not be visible even if it is carefully looked at. If you still feel uncomfortable with the surgical scar, it can be completely removed with Fraxel laser treatment.

Eyelid Aesthetics Risks

The risk of infection is rare in the eyelids. The risk of bleeding under the skin of the eyes is normal. At the same time, bruising may occur in the eye. In other words, these are the risks encountered in all eyelid operations. If there is bleeding in operations where the eye bags have been removed, and this bleeding puts pressure on the optic nerve behind the eye, this can even lead to vision defects. It can even lead to blindness. It is a very rare complication. A common complication is the complication of having a downward pull on the lower eyelid. This possibility occurs especially in patients who have undergone surgery for the second time. The reason for the occurrence of this complication is that the eye area has been removed too much. For the solution of this problem, the deficiencies must be placed in a deep place for treatment, so the procedure to remove another one from the upper eyelid can be applied during eye aesthetics surgery, there is also a possibility of damage to the transparent layer of the eye.

Eyelid aesthetics surgery is performed in the form of general anesthesia or local anesthesia. Eye aesthetics surgery must be performed in a hospital where all technological equipment is provided. The duration of the operation lasts approximately 1 to 3 hours. At the same time, the duration of the operation differs depending on the procedure to be performed. There is no hospitalization period. The patient can be discharged the same day.

Recovery Process After Surgery

Most patients complete the healing process within 10-14 days. However, full recovery can take several months. After eyelid surgery, the shape of the eyelids appears as the swelling and bruises disappear; the face becomes more vigorous and youthful.


 After surgery, a small amount of pain may occur in the patient due to a decrease in the effect of anesthesia. These pains can be relieved with the use of pain medication. But it is absolutely not recommended for the patient to make hard touches to the patient’s eyes and rub their eyes during the 24 hours after the operation.


Dressings that do not interfere with the patient’s vision are removed by the doctor four or five days after surgery. It is necessary to be careful when sleeping for three nights following surgery and position the pillow at an angle of 30 to 40 degrees. The reason for this is to ensure that bruises and swelling that occur in the area where the application is made can be kept under control. 


According to the information provided by the doctor, a cold compress of the eye should be performed for one or two days after the operation. In this way, bruises and swelling can improve faster depending on the operation.

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