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What Is Butt Lift?

As a result of weight loss, pregnancy process, genetic factors and, of course, the effects of old age, disorders that can cause aesthetic concerns in the form of buttocks, butt miscarriage – sagging can be experienced. The applications and operations performed to eliminate these and such aesthetic problems, to have a butt that you dream of, are called butt lifting. As a result of reasons such as the lack of a proper butt, low appearance, flat appearance, your hip proportion also deteriorates. However, every lady desires to have a smoother and more proportional body contours. Although it is partially possible to shape the butt with sports and diets, unfortunately, it is not enough. With butt lift operation, you can have any butt you want. With butt lift surgery, which will be exhibited by Plastic Surgery Specialists, you can have a great body proportion.


There are multiple methods used during butt lift attempts. Among these methods, the most preferred is fat injection in the butt. During the procedure, excess oils in the back, waist, belly, legs, upper legs, calves are taken and injected into the butt so that the butt can be shaped and lifted properly. Thanks to the developing technology, most fat injections can be permanent and can participate in fat injection processes again if begged. If you do not lose weight after the procedure or lose weight in intensive and fast amounts, most of the injected fat can be permanent. Your own body fat is used in butt shaping and butt lifting operations. Other methods are included in the information we give about how to perform butt lift aesthetics.


How is Butt Lift Performed?

Butt lift plastic surgery is performed under general anesthesia. There are two separate techniques carried out within the scope of the operation. The first and most preferred is fat injection, and the other is prosthetic applications. Many patients prefer butt shaping and butt lifting with fat injection. Thanks to this process, excess fats taken from your body are used. No external substances are used. In a way, you see the benefit of regional thinning processes, as excess is taken from your oils. Fat taken from areas such as waist, legs, is used to shape and lift your butt. It is very effective to achieve the desired butt shape.


Another butt lift technique is the methods in which silicone prosthetics are used. In this method, general anesthesia is given to the patient. Both butt cheeks are treated individually. Surgical cuts are made from the junction areas of the butt halves. By entering through this incision, a pocket is formed from the lower parts of the fascia where the butt muscles are located. Suitable dentures are placed in the pockets. Because such prostheses are harder than breast prostheses, they can cause some problems to the patient in the short period after surgery. Troubles only apply in the short term and in the sitting and getting up steps. This operation takes an average time of 3 hours.

Butt Lift Risks

Like all surgical interventions, hip lift surgery may have some risks. The risk of hip lift surgery is very low. But there are some risks. The risk of infection after butt lift surgery is very low. But you should follow your doctor’s recommendations and use the medications he or she gives you regularly. In this way, you can minimize the risk of infection. If you detect signs of an infection in the hip area, you should contact your doctor. Bruising after surgery is not seen in a significant proportion of patients. But because some patients have sensitive skin, bruising can occur. In this case, the bruises will disappear within a few days. After this operation, there is a possibility of edema and swelling. Edema and swelling are a natural process in hip operations. In order to eliminate edema and swelling, patients should pay attention to their nutrition after the operation. You can also minimize the risk of edema and swelling by using a special corset given by your doctor for up to 20 days.

After surgery, the probability of blood accumulation is extremely low. But the effect of the operation can also be seen in the accumulation of blood, which will then dissipate spontaneously. After butt lift surgery, patients ‘ mobility for a certain period of time is impaired. In addition, a person can also be psychologically affected by this condition because there is a change in the body. As the habit develops, his waist will disappear over a period of time.

Recovery Process After Surgery

After butt lift aesthetics, you should rest at home for the first 3 days. After the third day, you will be able to continue your daily activities. You should wear the corset recommended by your doctor for two weeks so that you can recover quickly after surgery. 


We do not recommend that our patients with butt aesthetics sit directly on the butt for the first two weeks. Instead, you should use the sitting pillows that we recommend for you. It will also be more relaxing for you to choose facedown positions while you sleep. Although it is a natural and more preferred method, some of the fat tissue is lost after about 1-1.5 years. But if there is a reserve, the process can be repeated. In recent years, some techniques developed in studies on fat injection have increased the likelihood that fat cells will be permanent. Especially without weight loss is largely permanent.

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