Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey; Teeth in the mouth can be lost due to previously commissioned veneers; as a result of gum problems, teeth shake, caries, periodontal gum problems, and complete toothlessness problems can be experienced. Even if there is no complete tooth loss in the mouth, it is about to be lost; with the presence of teeth that have had to be pulled out, a complete toothlessness problem may occur again. If patients have a complete toothlessness problem with Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey, or if they have teeth that need to be removed, they can have a tooth extraction and implant placed on the same day, or even a tooth can be placed on implants on the same day. You may not be able to have full month dental implant treatment in every clinic. Because this is the most difficult stage of implant treatment. You should be sure to contact the dentist and clinic that can provide this treatment. Before making an appointment, you should definitely make sure that there is a clinic that has previously performed this treatment. It is possible to find such well-equipped and experienced dental clinics in cities such as Istanbul and Antalya in Turkey.

Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey
Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey

How do Full Mouth Dental Implants Work?

Are you wondering how do Full Mouth Dental Implants work? The most common steps are indicated below. Since no two cases are the same, there may be differences. This largely depends on the general health of the patient and his oral health.

-The first consultation, during which the oral cavity is thoroughly examined clinically and a medical evaluation is carried out.

-Panoramic X-ray, the first impressions of both the upper and lower jaw are taken to the relationship between them.

CT allows detailed monitoring of bone sections to know the quality of bones and protect them from nearby anatomical structures, such as the maxillary sinus, the base of the nose (and the lower alveolar nerve. However, Computer-Aided Design provides advantages in knowing exactly where to place the implants.

Why Choose Full Mouth Dental Implants In Turkey?

Here are 3 reasons why you should decide for Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey:

Complete toothlessness: Situations when all natural teeth are missing and will be replaced as naturally as possible.

Too many missing / bad teeth: A lot or a part of person’s teeth, although it is a large portion of the external teeth of treatment (for example, multiple root canals, bridges, crowns) were required, and severely damaged / decayed teeth to replace the whole mouth dental implants will restore a better option can be offered.

Health and hygiene: The dentist should be sure about the motivation of the implant candidate for oral care. Applying an entire mouth implant to people who cannot provide adequate oral care can result in frustration even in the short term.

What is the cost for dental implants in Istanbul, Turkey?

How much are dental implants in Turkey
How much are dental implants in Turkey

No dentist can tell you for sure about the cost for dental implants in Istanbul, Turkey. For this, he should definitely examine you. Because this operation may require more than one intervention. We can only talk about the factors that affect the prices, without specifying the exact price. For the price of the implant, it will not be very healthy to say the exact amount from here. You can get the best and accurate price information and answers to the questions you have in mind by talking to your doctor. The doctor you are interviewing will determine the price for the procedure, the material to be used, the number of implants and the necessary procedures and share the necessary information with you. The price of an implant for a single tooth generally starts from 400 euros. Implant prices vary depending on the brand of the implant, the number of implants to be applied, and the doctor who will apply it. Implant prices also vary from year to year. Implant treatment should be performed by doctors who are experts and experienced in this field. Prices vary depending on the expertise and experience of the doctor who will perform the treatment. The use of quality materials in implant treatment both extends the life of the implant and allows it to be used for many years, and prevents a possible health problem because it will be healthier. That is why the material used in implant treatment is so important. The number of implants to be made per person also affects the price. A price is set by the doctor or clinic for each implant made.

Where can I get the best dental implants in Turkey?

Dental hospitals and dental clinics serving in Antalya and Istanbul are the most ideal places for best dental implants in Turkey. Before you come to Turkey, you can contact the clinics in this city online and set your appointment. You can even get information by sending a few pictures showing your mouth and teeth to the dentist. Precise and detailed analyzes will be determined on the day of the appointment.

How much do full mouth dental implants cost in Turkey?

As we mentioned above, the dentist must examine you for full mouth dental implants cost in Turkey. That way, no one can give you an exact price. In any case, it is prohibited by law for dental clinics to publish prices on the Internet. Implant application is a successful form of treatment that can be applied to everyone except for some exceptional cases. An implant can be made by evaluating the systemic health statuses of everyone with a bone of the thickness, height and quality in which the implant can be placed. Many factors should be considered when determining implant prices. Implant prices are determined by the Turkish Dental Association for private clinics, public hospitals and private hospitals every year. Although the determined Implant prices do not include the fees for materials used such as precious metal and zirconium, price sharing over the Internet is prohibited due to competition conditions