Starting at $500, Dental implants Costs in Turkey are the cheapest prices in Europe as of 2022. This price is the average price and may vary in each region. For example, you can get different prices in cities such as Istanbul and Antalya. There may be various reasons why prices fluctuate. When determining the dental implant price, do not forget to calculate the additional costs you may encounter.

Dental implants Costs in Turkey
Dental implants Costs in Turkey

How much do dental implants cost in Turkey?

There may be differences in implant prices depending on the number of teeth to be treated, the patient’s mouth structure and the material to be used. Dental implants prices in Turkey are average $500 for a single tooth. In some clinics, this price may be slightly higher or lower. Prices determined by the Turkish Ministry of Health are not valid in private dental clinics. Clinics prepare their own price lists for dental implant treatment.

Are dental implants cheaper in Turkey?

Yes, dental implant is cheaper in Turkey. But don’t take it differently. Cheap and high quality implant materials are used. The success rate of the treatment is very high, the dental implants costs are low, the dentists are experienced, and the clinics are hygienic and equipped. What more could a patient want than that? We can list many more reasons for you to have dental implant treatment in Turkey. Transportation to Turkey from Europe is also very cheap. Accommodation, transportation and individual expenses are very affordable. It is imperative that you consider all these factors. When you add up all the costs, you can better understand how cheap a country Turkey is.

Is Turkey a good place for dental implants?

Absolutely. It is difficult to find a good place other than Turkey for dental implant treatment. Because all the options you want are available in Turkey. In fact, you can be sure to find more than you want here. You can go to Turkey for dental implant treatment by making good planning and adjusting your budget. You will understand that this is the right decision when your treatment is completed. You don’t need to search other countries for nothing. This will be a waste of time for you. Start searching for a flight ticket to Turkey now and take the first step for your implant treatment.

How long do dental implants take Turkey?

The duration of dental implant treatment in Turkey also depends on you. If the applied treatment is suitable for you, your treatment will be completed within a maximum of 6 -9 months. You must visit Turkey several times during this time. First, your dental measurements are taken and the implants are prepared. After this process, you can return to your country. You will need to come back when your implants are ready. This period may be even shorter. Sometimes, implant treatment can be completed in just a few weeks.

All-on-6 dental implants Turkey price

The price of All-on-6 dental implants Turkey, which is about $ 500-600, varies according to the clinic. The price may vary depending on factors such as the quality of the implant, the brand, and the experience of the dentist performing the treatment. If some problems arise from you during the treatment period, they require additional costs. These prices are only average and are not net prices. Different price policies can be applied every year. The official price tariff of the treatments determined in Turkey is not valid in private clinics. Each clinic has the freedom to determine its own cost of treatment.

All-on-4 dental implants Turkey price

The All-on-6 dental implants Turkey price mentioned above is also valid for the All-on-4 dental implants Turkey price. Some criteria are required to determine the cost of implant treatments. It is important that the patient responds to this treatment. If there is a problem caused by the patient while the treatment is continuing, this naturally adds to the costs. Therefore, no clinic will give you a clear price without an examination. Be wary of clinics that charge you well below the market average and research very well. Some costs are always standard in implant treatment.

Dental implants Turkey cost for seniors

Dental implants for seniors
Dental implants for seniors

We have given detailed information about Standard Dental implants Turkey cost above. Actually, Dental implants Turkey cost for seniors is the same, but there may be some additional costs. The reason for this is bone graft application. In many elderly patients, it may be necessary to add additional bone, as the bone structure in the mouth is not suitable for implant treatment. This is reflected in the costs. In any implant treatment, no price can be given without checking. The price quoted to you is the cost of the implant item only. In order to be able to give a true and clear price, you must be examined.

Dental implants full mouth cost Turkey

Although Dental implants full mouth cost Turkey is very expensive, it is still the cheapest when compared to European countries. It costs more than normal implant treatment. In addition, this treatment may not be suitable for everyone, it requires a preliminary examination. If a treatment is determined to be suitable for you, your dentist will advise you of the net cost. The number of implant teeth always affects the costs. The more dental implants are made, the lower the costs may be. You can have full mouth dental implant treatment by taking advantage of the advantages offered to you in Turkey.

Dental implants Turkey Antalya-Istanbul price

You can get service for dental implant treatment in every city of Turkey. While the prices are on average the same, some variation is likely. For example, Dental implants Turkey Antalya price is more suitable than other cities. Because the demand is higher in Antalya, the city of tourism. Dental implants Turkey Istanbul price is average. No matter which city you have implant treatment in, you are guaranteed to be happy. Istanbul and Antalya are the two cities where dental implant treatments are performed the most and they have very successful clinics in this regard.